My FMP Evaluation

My Music Video had many stages to it, first off it was supposed to be a vlog around London with some cinematic scenes this seemed like a amazing idea to me at first. Then I started watching more videos that that I found whilst researching which were music videos and spoofs so I thought to myself why not change my video into a music video/ vlog so its live action of me showing where we were in London, whilst getting cinematic views as well. At this point this is where my project started to shape up, I thought make a music video, a funny time round London and a vlog this is when my idea started to come together.

In My FMP I went to London without knowing what I really wanted a shoot, I knew I wanted to get cinematic views on the London eye and the places we travelled to but I was really stuck. So I filmed random stuff the whole day with my phone camera (16 MP) and a Canon 1200D when I started to edit this I became a bit stuck because it just didn’t really look like a music video there was stuff missing but I just didn’t know what. So I showed my teacher Sarah and she said I should add in Studio scenes and a crowd going mental to the song. This meant I had about 3 weeks left to find a studio that I could use and get the final online edit done, at the main campus we have a radio room I thought it would be a good idea to use that and put a keyboard or something in to it to make it look more studio like. This was a success and I encountered my problem. We got all of the shots in the studio I had sketched on my storyboard and recorded them this made my project look more like a music video already. When I was on the London eye I wasn’t allowed a tripod up there this was bad because my shots didn’t look amazing and looked really bumpy and motioned/double glazed. I used a video FX called ‘Stabilize’ This made my pan look so much smoother almost like I had a tripod this saved my project from looking scrappy.

I learnt that when completing your project you always look back on it and notice some faults, you go back and sort them out then you seem to find other faults, nothing’s ever perfect and this is the best I could do in terms of making my project the best I can possible make it at this stage of time. My organisation wasn’t the best as we didn’t have a teacher for the first 2-3 weeks of this project. This is why I went and shot it without really planning anything but I got a lot more planning (Pre production) done for my studio scenes when my new teacher came in to help. I Think improving my shots would be the biggest factor in my project but they didn’t turn out to be as bad because of the Video FX I used on them. that is was I would like to have improved I approached my project very confidently and knew what I was going to do with it once I had my studio scenes as I planned ahead.

I found it pretty hard to cope with the deadline as we didn’t have a teacher or anyone giving us a real understanding of what to do. We had under 7 weeks to do a pretty big project that no one thought we would be able to do but we had a teacher come in and help everyone which I am extremely grateful for this. I met the deadline for this project and I am very happy with what I have produced. I used as much time as possible as I had to scrap some of my shots that didn’t fit in. But I am grateful and happy with what I achieved in such a little time.

My project had a lot of work put into it as I turned it into a music video, what I thought was very creative, is that my music video is original and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a music video of 3 mates roaming round London city having a great time while filming themselves. The song I chose uses the word ‘Love’ in the lyrics a lot. This could relate to us loving London and getting on as great friends what I would improve in my next edit would be my shots, I would like to plan the kind of shots I want so that I don’t forget anything. I think that my editing was done really well and that it looked 10x better than what I was doing years ago. I never thought I would be able to edit like this but I just got better and better.

In my proposal I talked about me booking the studio and getting the recording done. I achieved everything I said in my proposal and I’m extremely happy with myself. I have reached all the targets I set myself I found more research, I recorded and edited all the clips and I have completed my questionnaire.

In conclusion I think I have met the criteria I struggled through most of my project but managed to pull through. I changed many ideas and it turned out to be the best changes I’ve ever made, I learnt that my project would never be perfect but I can make it the best I possible can. I met all the targets I set myself and I’m extremely happy with my project and what I achieved as a whole.


Shot List

Shot List

  1. First shot is the title “London”
  2. Shot of a train passing by while moving still
  3. A shot of us when were at a train station waiting
  4. This is a shot of a blank field
  5. Shot of us leaving train station
  6. Shot of 3 producers working on video
  7. Shot of Emirates Stadium
  8. Glitching between studio pan and Big Ben
  9. Shot of Big Ben
  10. Showing the London eye/River Thames
  11. District Postcode “SW1”
  12. Shot of street life on the bridge
  13. District Postcode “NW1”
  14. Shot of my friend on the train
  15. District Postcode “E17”
  16. Namco gaming floors
  17. District Postcode “W1C”
  18.  Shot of the game people were gambling on the street
  19. District Postcode “E15”
  20. Shot of us in the Namco arcade
  21. District Postcode “N22”
  22. Shot of the queens guard handing out leaflet
  23. District Postcode “WC1”
  24. Over the shoulder shot of me editing the video/mixing
  25. Shot of me and my friends as we got off the train at Kings cross
  26. Head view of me walking
  27. Ben sings into mic
  28. I play piano/keyboard into the song
  29. View of me editing again
  30. Mine and bens hands slid the mixer up to the drop of the song
  31. 1st Shot on London Eye
  32. 2nd Shot on London Eye
  33. 3rd Shot on London Eye
  34. 4th Shot on London Eye
  35. 5th Shot on London Eye
  36. 6th Shot on London Eye
  37. Use vlogging camera to show my point of view and have a selfie with the scenery behind me
  38. Shot of below us which shows car park and Westminster
  39. Shows me showing my two mates and the pod we were in on the London Eye
  40. Take another selfie with the different scenery behind me
  41. Me editing solo
  42. Shot of train coming towards us to pick us up to go to our next location
  43. Train passes by us
  44. We step on to the train (Live Footage)
  45. Shot of us on train as we arrive in Camden
  46. Shot of me and mates walking down Camden Lock
  47. Shot of the street life on Camden Lock
  48. People dancing in the middle of the street
  49. Crowd Dancing getting ready to go in the club
  50. Us performing on the stage (Supposingly)
  51. Shot of 2 dancers in street
  52. Live band performing song
  53. Shot of dancers in street
  54. Live audience at concert
  55. Shot of 2 dancers in the street
  56. London overview
  57. Shot of crowd dancing
  58. London overview
  59. Shot of crowd dancing/raving
  60. London overview
  61. Shot of crowd dancing/raving
  62. Shot of London overview
  63. Shot from far back in the crowd of the song ending and fading out

Evidence of skills and Knowledge employed

In my Music video I have shown the very best editing I can possibly do at this stage some of my clips go on longer but that is only to show the city either behind me or the street life. My editing shows quick cuts, colour corrections, music syncing and small video effects that make the video look better visually. 


I have used 3 types of camera angles in my video 1. me vlogging (So you will see what is behind and my face) 2. Cinematic shots with the Canon 1200D (All the clips on London Eye, Camden etc.) 3. My P.O.V in some of the shots you will see me filming in front of me where I’m walking to.

In My music video I have shown useful editing techniques one of them is “syncing” in the picture above you can see those orange markers. The orange markers are there purposely so that when the some has a beat I press the letter “M” on the keyboard and it lays one of the orange markers out, This allows me to put the clip just where the end of the marker is and when the song has a beat or change it will sync perfectly. This helps the viewer follow the song and can predict when the next clip will come.

Another technique I used in my music video was “colour corrections”, colour corrections don’t only make your video look brighter it also gives your video that film look. Colour corrections are used in pretty much everything these days and especially black bars to go with it. Black bars make your screen look wide so it doesn’t all fit the screen but makes it look 10x better.

colour correction bad and good

Other techniques I used in My music video was “quick cuts”, using this in my video made I look even more advanced synced because in the song I used kind of has a glitch and I made it look like the video was glitching with it. This looked really well synced and made it look even better that I was able to do this

Another technique I used in my video where “Transitions” this made my video look better because in some of the clips the music changes/fades out and it makes it look really cool. I’m not someone to fill my projects with loads of transitions because I think if you have to many it becomes to look a bit unprofessional especially on a 4-5 minute video.

One of the last main techniques I used in my music video was “Video FX” this was all the flashes you saw in the video. Most of the video fx where used on the syncing when the song had a beat/change I used a flash to make it look cool like when the song dropped I used a flash to add more emphasize.

Sony Vegas Pro is something that I have been using for about 3 years now and I think that I am pretty good at using it. I can do pretty much all the basics and some pro parts of it but I still have a lot to learn about it and I love to start things new so that if I get stuck I search something to teach me and then I have learned something new this is how I have progressed over the years of editing.